My Story

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My philosophy

9 years of experience working with the human body has taught me the strength and adaptability that it contains. Each and every person holds within them the ability to heal, grow, let go, and change at any moment. Tension and pain of the past can be released with the guidance of an experienced massage therapist, but the client and their body are the ones who allow it to happen. My job is to help you and your body realize that it is within your ability to relax, to find comfort, to strengthen yourself. We therapists are often told that we have magic hands, but the true magic comes from the client and we are there to help focus that inner magic. 

To best serve my clients and help them reach their health and wellness goals, I have trained in a number of modalities with a wealth of practitioners.  My personal massage style is one of adaptability and intuition; I base each session on what the client wants and what their body needs, varying depth and modalities for the best possible outcome. I want my clients leaving my treatment room feeling stronger, refreshed, and relaxed. I have specialized training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga, Sports, and Manual Ligament Therapy, as well as an interest in constantly expanding my modality pool to become an authority in the massage industry.


My Dream

Over my 9 years of experience as a massage therapist, I have worked with practitioners from all backgrounds, with different strengths, philosophies, and challenges. In that time, I have noted that the strongest communities are those that are interdependent and cooperative. My dream is to form a community of fitness and wellness, where a person at any level of health can come to feel stronger, healthier, and more confident within themselves. I believe that the most successful way to achieve your health and wellness goals is through a network of personalized support and encouragement from skilled, cooperative professionals.

I am currently building relationships with various dedicated fitness professionals in the area with a plan to grow into a multi-faceted wellness group that focuses on providing support through massage, exercise, and nutrition, potentially even focused stress reduction. This business with be hyperlocal and deeply rooted within the community, as well as flexible to accommodate any and all clients seeking to improve their health and wellbeing. 

I hope to include as many of you in this journey as possible <3


My Life

I am the mother to two wonderful, chaotic, crazy loveable boys, Jayden (5) and Lucas (2). They keep my husband and I on our toes constantly and are smarter than should be reasonably allowed (we don't stand a chance...send help). We also adopted our lovey little furbabies, Lily and Ginny and spend much of our time exploring and adventuring with all of our little ones. My husband, Charles, is a stay at home dad who provides much of the support I desperately need to keep focused and on track. Without his love and support, I would not be half the person that I am. 

Our life and family is constant mess and chaos, and we love every moment of it.